Biden ABC Interview Analysis: It’s Not Looking Good

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Last Updated on: 17th July 2024, 08:33 am

In the Biden vs. Trump 2024 campaign, the former is doing a significantly worse job than the latter. On Thursday, June 27, the president faced off against Trump for the first debate of this election. To say it didn’t go well would be an understatement. Biden struggled to speak articulately, appearing tired, winded, and unclear of his location. 

Following the showdown, Americans collectively began speculating about his cognitive health and fitness. People also raised questions about whether or not Biden’s team had a viable campaign strategy to overcome such a setback. This is easier said than done for the president, as even many Democrats are calling for him to step down and let someone else carry the party’s nomination. 

To put concerns to bed, Biden sat down with ABC News host George Stephanopoulos. Though a simple interview analysis shows that not only did the president miss the mark, but many of his own allies are more concerned than ever. 

A Very Poor Campaign Strategy

While Biden spoke with Stephanopoulos, he appeared defensive and failed to address serious worries about his cognitive health. The president also took a dismissive tone towards leaders in his own party who called upon him to resign and hand the reins to a different Democrat. To this end, Biden suggested only the “Lord Almighty” could persuade him to terminate his presidential campaign. 

Stephanopoulos also brought up the matter of polling in the Biden vs. Trump 2024 race. Right now, multiple polls have the president trailing several points behind. Though when confronted with this reality, Biden denied the accuracy of said data. Instead, the president stated he’s noticed alternate polls that show a “toss up” against Trump. Biden also told Stephanopoulos that he feels there’s plenty of time left between now and November 5. 

This interview was an obvious campaign strategy to repair the president’s image and put various concerns about his cognitive health and fitness to bed. Yet, the sitdown with ABC News largely did the opposite. Many Americans criticized the president for his talking points, along with his general disposition toward concerned members of his own base. 

Americans Weigh in With an Interview Analysis 

While some in the Democratic Party are standing by Biden, others feel the president is playing Russian Roulette as November gets closer. Former Obama aide David Axelrod is in the latter camp. In the aftermath of the president’s sitdown with Stephanopoulos, Axelrod pointed out all that he saw wrong with the interview. 

In a possible reference to Biden’s cognitive health, this former Obama aide said the president’s views on the race aren’t aligned with reality. Axelrod likewise stated that Biden seems to be “hiding” from facts that aren’t convenient. 

Many others in the Democratic Party share these sentiments. In the aftermath of the ABC News interview, House Democrats called the president “toast” in the Biden vs. Trump 2024 race. They also dinged the sitdown as uninspiring and doing nothing to restore the confidence of many voters. 

Another unnamed House Democrat took things even further. This lawmaker vocalized their “shock” at Biden’s refusal to face facts on his poor polling numbers. The president then took heat for not adequately convincing Americans of why he should be given a second term in the Oval Office. 

Progressives and other leftists have since been taking to social media, raising red flags. Many of these folks are branding the president as “selfish,” claiming if he cared about the Democratic Party’s future, he’d allow a younger and more capable leader to move forward with the nomination. Some anti-Biden leftists are also starting to accuse the president’s supporters of placing hero worship over political pragmatism. 

Naturally, the Biden campaign want to paint a very different picture. Despite the grim interview analysis from voters, the president’s 2024 reelection team argues he made a vibrant, concise, and direct case for another White House stint. Team Biden also pointed to select Democrats who’ve chosen to stick by the president, notwithstanding growing concerns about his capabilities and cognitive health. 

Biden vs. Trump 2024: What Comes Next?

In the weeks and months ahead, both Biden and Trump will continue to hit the campaign trail, making their case to the American people on why they deserve a second term. Both candidates are likewise scheduled to appear for a second and final debate on Tuesday, September 10. 

However, after Biden’s abysmal performance last month, some people wonder if he’ll actually show up for another debate. All things considered, Americans shouldn’t be shocked if the president’s campaign team decides against him sharing the stage with Trump again. Another poor performance like the one in late June will only reiterate to voters that Biden lacks the stamina, fitness, and cognitive health to lead the United States. 

Republicans across the country are also weighing in on the post debate and interview analysis. They’ve pointed out that if Biden can’t handle a 90-minute talk with Trump, he certainly shouldn’t have access to our nation’s nuclear codes or other classified information. Other Republicans pointed out that Biden’s poor performance only highlighted the spirited energy that Trump brought to the debate last month.

Conservatives continue to raise reasonable questions about the president’s cognitive health, as well. This has been an ongoing issue for Biden, dating all the way back to his 2020 campaign run. Though given the latest turn of events, Americans on all sides of the political spectrum can’t help but see the warning signs. 

While speaking with ABC’s Stephanopoulos, Biden would not commit to taking a test that centers on his cognitive abilities. Inquiring minds want to know why and many people view this as a red flag. If, in fact, Biden’s health is as astute as he claims, why not undergo a test and prove his critics wrong? Some Republicans, such as Sen. Lindsay Graham, have started urging both Trump and Bdien to undergo these tests and publicly share the results. 

As things currently stand, many Americans do not believe the current president is up to the job of leading this country for another four years. On November 5, voters will choose between an energetic and upbeat Trump vs. a depleted and declining Biden

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