On more than one occasion, Joe Biden has claimed that should he find himself up against Donald Trump in November, he’ll easily win the election. Yet, empirical data doesn’t really support this view. 

Recent polls show Biden struggling in swing states. Other surveys reveal that considerable swaths of the US electorate disapprove of the president’s job performance. Even some within the Democrat Party have expressed concerns that Biden will end up losing to Trump. 

Of course, the president’s team is doing all it can to ensure this doesn’t happen. Part of that work seems to involve Vice President Kamala Harris essentially bribing Americans into backing Biden this November. 

There’s Something Wrong With This Picture

On Monday, the vice president traveled to Philadelphia for a roundtable chat about student loans in America. While sitting with educational leaders at William Cramp Elementary School, Harris outlined the Biden administration’s plan to “forgive” (i.e. redistribute) student loans that people willingly took on. 

What caught most Americans’ attention was the vice president’s promise that a second Biden term would bring “complete forgiveness” of student loan debt.

Harris declared this would happen regardless of each person’s income and whether or not they graduated. The only prerequisite here is that eligible individuals will need to have paid undergraduate loans for “more than 20 years.” 

There’s a lot wrong with what Harris wants Americans to believe. First of all, this is a clear effort from the Biden administration to win votes this November. On top of that, whenever student loans are “forgiven,” US taxpayers end up footing the bill. 

College debt doesn’t just evaporate into thin air; instead, it gets passed along to people who either didn’t agree to these loans or already paid off their own university debts. As inflation crushes the average American, the last thing anyone needs is an extra bill they never signed up for. 

This Won’t Hold Up in Court

Believe it or not, Monday isn’t the first time the current administration promised free handouts in the hopes of winning votes. 

Years ago, Biden pledged student loan “forgiveness” to the tune of $20,000 per person; yet, in 2023, the Supreme Court blocked this initiative, ruling that Biden couldn’t unilaterally implement debt erasure without congressional approval. 

Nothing has changed since then. Even if the White House again tries to move forward with redistributing university debt to everyday taxpayers, it won’t work. Biden’s plan will rightfully be dead on arrival the moment it gets challenged and sent to the Supreme Court. 

As we get closer to November, Americans can expect even more outrageous promises and desperate efforts to buy votes. After all, the current White House will stop at nothing to remain in power by any means necessary. 

Gabrielle Seunagal

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