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Biden’s Mental Capacity Dominates 2024 Presidential Election Talks

Last Updated on: 17th July 2024, 08:37 am

Last week, Joe Biden shocked the nation when he debated former President Trump. Despite taking political and personal shots at Trump, Biden appeared extremely out of it. His words were quite slurred and delivered in a feeble, almost muted manner. Even many Democrats were aghast by what they saw and how it could impact their party in November. 

For what it’s worth, some leftists are pulling out all the stops, trying to get Americans not to worry about Biden’s mental capacity. Officials like former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and California Gov. Gavin Newsom have dismissed calls for the current president to let an alternate Democrat carry the party’s nomination. 

As the 2024 presidential election carries on, Biden and his team are having to work overtime to make their case to the American people. Though as they’re quickly learning, bouncing back from what was seen last week isn’t going to be an overnight task. In fact, this could be one problem that the president actually can’t sweep under the rug.

The Political Analysis Speaks For Itself

Less than 24 hours after his debate against Trump, Biden hosted a rally in North Carolina where he appeared notably more energetic. During this time, the president acknowledged that he doesn’t debate, speak or even walk as well as he used to, yet can still ultimately do the job in office. 

A lot of people would beg to differ. In light of renewed concerns about Biden’s mental capacity, the White House is set to meet with concerned left-wing governors this week. Meanwhile, Democratic officials on Capitol Hill are also warning that how Biden manages himself will impact the party’s collective outcome in the 2024 presidential election.

When reviewing political analysis, it’s clear that last week’s debate set off alarm bells. Some Americans are even questioning whether Biden has the stamina to carry out what’s left of his current term, let alone go on to serve a second one. 

On Tuesday, Democratic Rep. Lloyd Doggett took things a step further, stating the president should drop out so the party can obtain a different nominee. In public remarks, the left-wing lawmaker endorsed a “new generation of leaders” to step up to the plate. While driving this point home, the House Democrat also reminded the public that Biden once promised to be a “transitional” president. 

Other leftwing lawmakers, such as Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse and Rep. Mike Quigley, have openly expressed their worries about Thursday night’s debate. The overwhelming consensus here is that standing next to Trump, the current president appeared to be barely hanging on by a thread. 

Democrats who are hoping to keep the White House, expand control in the Senate, and retake the House of Representatives want a candidate who they feel is best positioned to bring home a win. The message that many leftists got on Thursday night is that their current nominee is simply not up for the task. 

With Biden’s mental capacity now being seriously called into question, Vice President Kamala Harris, California Gov. Gavin Newsom, and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer have each been floated as potential replacements. 

The 2024 Presidential Election Gets Even More Intense

It didn’t take long for the president’s team to respond to Rep. Doggett’s calls for him to drop out. Speaking to the media, Biden’s reelection campaign affirmed that he has no intentions of ending his candidacy or allowing another Democrat to pick up the party’s nomination. 

On social media, some progressives are now slamming Biden as selfish for insisting on running, despite his current standing. In their minds, the president should step aside and give Democrats their best shot against Trump. 

This sentiment is especially prevalent within the populist wing of the Democrat Party. While some within the Democratic establishment are acknowledging that Biden didn’t do so well last week, they’re also shying away from saying he needs to forfeit the party’s nomination. 

This isn’t the first time that the president’s team reacted to negative political analysis. Just last week, members of Biden’s campaign suggested the race was not significantly altered by one poor debate performance. They also argued that individuals who’ve called for Biden to step down ultimately remain out of touch with voters. 

Biden’s Mental Capacity May Necessitate Heavy Hand-holding 

When the president first assumed office, his staff sheltered him from giving public interviews. Even after Biden began to ingratiate himself in the public spotlight, he did so with the assistance of notes on flashcards. For this president to wrap up his current term, he’ll need a strong team of people supporting him, reminding him of what not to do, and working to prevent as much negative PR as possible. 

Some of Biden’s supporters will say that’s enough for the 2024 presidential election. Many leftists with this mindset also believe the worst possible outcome in November would be a second Trump term. 

Though many Americans beg to differ. There is a strong demand for a president who shows strength, competence, and high energy. When Trump and Biden appeared on the debate stage, the former spoke louder, faster, and more concisely than the latter. 

It’s one thing for the president to do somewhat OK when he’s got a teleprompter during his campaign rallies, surrounded by supporters. On the other hand, the dynamics of the 2024 presidential election shift when Biden’s one-on-one against Trump in a quiet room with no supporters and questioned being thrown at him by a moderator. 

As a lot of political analysis has covered, any president who wants to remain in office needs to thrive in both environments. So far, Biden’s shown that he does best in very controlled settings with lots of guidance in the form of either flashcard notes or teleprompters. 

Both candidates are set to take the debate stage again on Tuesday, September 10. Though in the aftermath of last week’s debacle and questions about Biden’s mental capacity, Americans shouldn’t be too shocked if the president’s team decides he shouldn’t face off against Trump again. 

Do you think Biden’s mental capacity is enough for him to finish his current term (or serve a second one) without serious support and assistance? 

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