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Working class Americans have greatly suffered with Joe Biden in the White House. One of Biden’s first moves as president was to attack skilled labor jobs through significant damage to the Keystone XL Pipeline. In 2021, Republicans – and even some centrist-leaning Democrats – told Biden that he should leave Keystone Pipeline alone, but as usual, he ignored the warning. 

It is for reasons like this that so many working-class Americans support Trump. People don’t want to see the skilled labor jobs that feed their families tossed by the wayside. They also don’t want to be casualties of Biden’s broader green agenda that would rip away their gas-powered cars and stoves. 

This should be plain as day to anyone keeping up with what’s happening in this country. Cheers star John Ratzenberger understands it, however, and he’s clearing up any confusions that people might have. 

Here’s Why the Working Class Will Continue to Support Trump

During a sit down with Fox News Digital, John Ratzenberger explained where pro-Trump Americans are coming from. The actor noted that Trump can “build things,” which is an appealing attribute to folks working in manufacturing and other skilled labor jobs. 

The former president’s history of building predates his time as a politician, too. Years before he ran for office, Trump was creating buildings in New York, employing thousands of blue collar workers for each project. John Ratzenberger then noted that in America today, the need for brick workers, electricians, glaziers, etc., is stronger than ever. 

Working class Americans therefore feel a kinship to Trump. They feel understood by him. This couldn’t be less true for Biden and the Democrats. Just a few years ago, instead of backing the working class, Biden was in support of skilled laborers getting fired for refusing to take the COVID vaccine. Not to mention, Biden and the Democrats were collectively deeming millions of Americans as “non-essential workers.” 

Another reason why working class Americans support Trump is the problems emerging in the manufacturing industry. Right now, there’s a significant deficit of workers here. To make matters worse, many young people lack the critical knowledge that would allow them to go into manufacturing and other skilled labor jobs. 

As John Ratzenberger pointed out, Trump is speaking to people who feel concerned about this. Biden is not. As the Cheers actor finished interviewing with Fox News Digital, he declared that “upper echelon elites” rely heavily upon workers in skilled labor jobs. Without them, the rest of America wouldn’t be able to function. 

People Who Support Trump Are Here to Stay

Democrats have a habit of looking down their nose at people who back the former president. They did it in 2016, 2020, and they’re doing it again this year. Though pro-Trump Americans aren’t going away. 

Polling from the NYT/Siena College shows Trump ahead of Biden in states like Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Each of these are critical battleground states that will determine who wins the presidential race in November. 

This – and the issues addressed by Cheers star John Ratzenberger – makes it clear that everyday Americans are going where they feel heard, understood, and listened to. 

People in skilled labor jobs want to know the work they’ve built their lives upon will be valued and protected. Democrats at all levels have made it clear that the last thing on their minds is the future of manufacturers, carpenters, and other skilled labor workers. 

Empty Promises Won’t Save Skilled Labor Jobs

Years ago, when Biden revoked the cross-border presidential permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline extension proposal, he promised thousands of jobs lost would be replaced with new and better ones. Today, that promise has yet to materialize and no one should hold their breath waiting for this to change. 

Why do working class Americans support Trump? The answer is simple. Where Biden and Democrats have shown a disregard for skilled labor jobs, Trump consistently shows support for this work. His history of employing folks who know how to use their hands in construction also carries weight with blue collar Americans. 

Going into November, Democrats talk a lot about why they believe Trump poses a “danger to democracy.” They’ve insisted that keeping Biden in office is key to making sure our nation can “progress” and see a brighter future. 

If the left gets its way, the future won’t be bright for Americans working in skilled labor jobs. At each and every turn, Biden proves he doesn’t really value the blue collar workers who keep this country from falling apart. He proved it by kneecapping the XL Pipeline expansion, insisting on unscientific COVID vaccine mandates, and making empty promises of jobs that never came to fruition. 

People who work in skilled labor jobs see this and have decided to support Trump accordingly. As pointed out by Cheers star John Ratzenberger, glaziers, brick workers, and others recognize that when faced with Trump vs. Biden, they’re most likely to keep their jobs and see their industries thrive under Trump. 

Time and time again, Biden has failed to take meaningful action to address the deficits threatening the manufacturing industry. He hasn’t even talked about the declining number of Americans who have the expertise that would allow them to enter blue-collar, skilled labor jobs. 

While Biden hasn’t addressed these problems he’s certainly taken the liberty of demonizing Trump supporters. Throughout his presidency, Biden’s gone after “MAGA Republicans,” giving angry speeches, filled with venom towards Americans who support Trump. 

What John Ratzenberger pointed out to Fox News Digital should be plain as day to every single American. People who rely upon skilled labor jobs to feed their families are not going to support a candidate like Biden who disrespects and guts these jobs every chance he gets. 

Instead, blue collar workers will continue to support Trump, the candidate with a history of employing people in their industries and making them feel seen. Unlike Trump, Biden hasn’t hired a single construction worker or anyone else in skilled labor jobs. Though he’s certainly made a solid case for why these Americans should never vote for him. 

In November, Trump will undoubtedly carry the working class vote.

Gabrielle Seunagal

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