Crowds on Demand Behind Columbia University's Pro-Palestine Riots

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Ever since the Hamas terrorist organization invaded Israel on October 7, 2023, there’s been a disturbing faction of society backing the former over the latter. Folks who support the “free Palestine” movement argue that Israel is an “apartheid state” and only its destruction will “liberate” the Palestinian people. 

This twisted philosophy, along with those who openly support Hamas and deem the terrorist groups as “freedom fighters,” paves the way for entities like Crowds on Demand to enter the scene. 

Believe it or not, when Crowds on Demand first came to be, it appeared completely non-political. This service was initially used by public figures who wanted to increase their popularity by having groups of people following them around or attending their events. It added to the allure of their image and got folks talking about them.

In 2024, however, Crowds on Demand is vital in promoting various political agendas via protests. Adam Swart, the founder of this service, admitted that as time passed, Crowds on Demand started receiving more political requests which it happily accepted. 

Believe it or not, the latest pro-Palestine riots happening at places like Columbia University are advocacy campaign examples of radical leftists with a dangerous agenda. 

Here’s Why Crowds on Demand is Relevant to Columbia University’s Riots

At Columbia University and other higher learning institutions, people who support Hamas/Palestine have been wreaking havoc. In some of the most disturbing cases, these demonstrators even formed physical lines with their bodies to keep out Jewish college students. It’s all too similar to the stunts pulled by Hitler’s acolytes amid the rise of Nazi Germany. 

The mass protests, however, shouldn’t be confused with organic support for Palestine or radical Islamic terrorists. As pointed out by podcaster Michael Oxford, none of the obscene signs, unhinged public speakers, or numbers of demonstrators are organic. 

Instead, the minority of people who do support terrorists over Israel’s sovereign right to self-defense are relying upon Crowds on Demand. During a recent podcast episode, Oxford pointed out what is a PR stunt that we all need to be aware of. 

For a fee, anyone looking to “create a buzz anywhere in the United States” can get literal crowds on demand. This means that people will go on college campuses, hold up antisemitic signs, and call to “globalize the intifada.” The folks doing this are only in it for a check; yet as Crowds on Demand is used to make chaos, it also creates the illusion of greater support for terrorism than is actually real. 

These advocacy campaign examples happening all over the country shouldn’t be underestimated, either. Many are truly committed to earning their money, opting to camp out at universities and even risk arrest by law enforcement. 

Some of these Crowds on Demand folks are coming to physical blows with police who’ve had to deploy tear gas to subdue mass rioters. At the same time, targeted college campuses are being forced to shut down various scheduled events for the safety of everyone involved. 

Days ago, Oxford explained on his podcast that what Americans are seeing in regards to pro-Palestine protests is nothing more than a “well-funded propaganda campaign.” He’s not wrong, either. 

The trouble is that this could get much worse before it gets better. 

Don’t Count on Leftists to Stop Using Crowds on Demand

When it comes to getting a message across or terrorizing the opposition, the left wing has repeatedly shown that it has no limits. What is a PR stunt now is very likely to continue into the future. These advocacy campaign examples are not likely to stop when leftists feel they serve a necessary purpose. 

Right now, Crowds on Demand is being used to disrupt universities, terrorize Jewish students, and push baseless pro-Palestine propaganda. Next, this service may be used to cause riots in favor of redistributing student loan debt or implementing radical climate change reforms. 

Unfortunately, “strength in numbers” is a factor when those numbers are people willing to cause a scene and threaten others for pay. As more protests in favor of Hamas and Palestine appear across the country, people need to know that Crowds on Demand – not the everyday American – is behind this. 

Going into the general election, don’t be shocked if Crowds on Demand moves from supporting Hamas and terrorizing Jewish students to causing chaos at conservative political events. 

Given the mayhem already caused by what is a PR stunt, we shouldn’t hold our breath waiting for Crowds on Demand to disappear of its own accord. Even the company itself has a financial incentive to keep working with pro-Palestine agitators. 

Crowds on Demand Doesn’t Have to Win

Nationwide, most folks support Israel’s right to self-defense. The overwhelming majority of the country – despite what is a PR stunt happening across college campuses – does not support a radical terrorism group that wants to Islamize the entire world. 

It’s more clear than ever that if Hamas gets its way in Israel, the world will become a less safe place. Other Islamic terrorist groups will be emboldened to attack nations around the world, which will quickly spiral into global chaos. 

To counter the violent propaganda campaigns being funded by Crowds on Demand, everyday Americans can hold peaceful and constitutionally protected protests. We can continue to speak out en masse about why Hamas is so dangerous and why “globalize the intifada” is not an acceptable call to action. 

Organic groups of Americans who peacefully support Israel and its right to exist are the strongest counter against the manufactured Crowds on Demand. As more pro-Palestine rioters commit violence and instill fear in others for money, it’s never been more apparent which side is fighting for evil vs. good. 

Crowds on Demand demonstrators who act violently, forcibly barricade individuals, and otherwise break the law must continue being held accountable. Across various universities and college campuses nationwide, police have already been forced to arrest hundreds of people. 

In the meantime, those of us who support freedom over terrorism and sovereignty over radical Islamic terrorism have a duty to make our voices heard. Against organic, fact-based, and real Americans, pro-Palestine agitators from Crowds on Demand don’t stand a chance.

Gabrielle Seunagal

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