immigration policy

immigration policy

For years, Republicans have warned about the disastrous consequences of illegal immigration. To this end, growing crime in sanctuary cities and taxpayer dollars being used to fund foreigners over Americans barely form the tip of the iceberg. 

Believe it or not, when illegal immigrants enter the United States and are permitted to stay, this directly helps Democrats. Despite what many on the left will admit, their side benefits electorally from having more illegal immigrants in America and therefore counted in the US Census. 

During a recent sitdown with left-wing reporter Don Lemon, Elon Musk described in great detail how this all works. 

Why Democrats Benefit from Illegal Immigration

Days ago, Lemon challenged Musk on the assertion that Democrats are purposefully letting illegals in the country to win their votes. In doing so, the leftist reporter stated these migrants aren’t lawfully allowed to vote in elections. 

Musk countered this by first pointing out that illegal immigrants, while not permitted to vote, are still recorded in the US Census and have a tendency to congregate in blue states. As a result of this, blue states, at least on paper, maintain higher populations than their red counterparts. 

An inflated population – largely aided by illegals – therefore helps Democrats insofar as their states receive greater representation in the House and, by extension, the Electoral College. 

Despite protests from Lemon, Musk also pointed out that if illegal immigrants were not included in our nation’s census, blue states would have significantly reduced populations and at least 20 fewer seats in the House. With fewer seats in the House, there would also be 20 fewer Electoral College votes that impact the presidency. 

The only logical conclusion here is that illegal immigrants – albeit indirectly – actually do impact which party controls the House of Representatives, along with the White House. 

Things may be different if illegal immigrants were not counted in the US Census. Unsurprisingly, Democrats have fought tooth and nail to make sure these migrants are included every ten years. 

Don’t Hold Your Breath Waiting For This to Change

Throughout Musk’s interview, it was abundantly clear that Lemon didn’t like hearing what he had to say. At one point, Lemon even interjected, arguing the Electoral College exists to “balance” the dynamic Musk referenced. 

The X owner then pushed back, reiterating that since illegal immigrants tend to gravitate towards blue states – and are counted in the US Census – they still inflate the populations of these areas, thus giving them more representation in the House and the Electoral College. 

This is factually accurate. What Musk detailed is in keeping with the dynamics of both groups. Though if illegal immigrants were congregating in red states and giving Republicans more power in the House and Electoral College, Democrats would undoubtedly push to remove them from the US Census.

Gabrielle Seunagal

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