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On Thursday, June 27, the first Trump-Biden debate of the 2024 presidential election took place. Hosted by CNN in Atlanta, Georgia, this first presidential debate was highly anticipated. It came amid speculations that one or both candidates might ultimately find a reason not to appear on the debate stage. Fueling this narrative is the fact that neither Trump nor Biden debated their primary opponents earlier in the election, despite multiple calls for them to do so. 

Nevertheless, both White House candidates ultimately showed up. To avoid chaos and distractions, CNN had Trump and Biden’s mics muted during segments where they weren’t supposed to be speaking. The first presidential debate also took place in the absence of a live crowd. 

Despite the apparent steps to maintain some semblance of order, the Trump-Biden debate is being widely panned and criticized by certain folks less than 24 hours later. Democrats, in many regards, are panicking. Republicans, on the other hand, feel that last night is the beginning of Trump ascending to his second term in the White House. 

Why Everyone’s Talking About the First Presidential Debate

On Thursday night, the Trump-Biden debate centered around key issues like the economy, foreign policy, January 6, abortion, the need to protect democracy, and more. Both candidates also took shots at one another personally. 

Trump accused Biden of being unaware of what was said on the stage. He also criticized the way that Biden handled Medicare, immigration, and other important policy issues. Pushing back, the current president accused Trump of having “alley cat” morals, losing jobs during his four years in office, and peddling “malarkey.” At one point, Biden even slammed the former president as a “loser” and a “sucker.” 

During multiple points of the Trump-Biden debate, the conversation rapidly meandered between insults and policy points. On the matter of policy, inflation is a top-of-mind issue for many Americans. During last night’s presidential debate, Biden and Trump offered their own takes on the matter. Both cited the COVID pandemic as the catalyst for inflation. 

It was during this period that supplies became scarce. The sudden shortage of working Americans also ground various operations and services to a halt, creating longstanding backlogs. All of this has ripple effects on how Americans work, spend, and access resources. 

However, Biden argued that Trump botched the economy in 2020, one that Biden also feels he “put back together.” Trump later rebutted this, stating the economy thrived under his tenure and temporarily slowed down as the infamous virus began to spread. 

During this point of the debate, the former president also went after Biden for pushing COVID vaccine mandates. Biden did this despite promising not to mandate the COVID vaccine when he ran for the White House in 2020. Though not long after getting into office, the president backed vaccination requirements that would have people fired for declining the shot. 

It didn’t take long for everyday Americans to protest against this and vocalize their concerns with a vaccine that was rolled out at a much faster speed than other inoculations. Yet, in the end, Biden’s preferred mandate failed when Republican leaders challenged it all the way to the Supreme Court. 

The Trump-Biden Debate Has Inspired a Variety of Reactions

Despite Joe Biden talking about the need to protect democracy and implement leftist policies during last night’s presidential debate, folks within his own party are concerned. On Thursday, the president appeared notably feeble, often sounding winded when he spoke. Even some of Biden’s strongest supporters have conceded that last night wasn’t his finest moment. 

Taking to social media, some Democrats even began calling for Biden to be removed as the party’s de facto nominee. Among the left, there’s a concern that the current president doesn’t have what it takes to pull off a win in November. However, some Democratic voters still maintain they’ll be backing Biden over Trump. 

Republicans, on the other hand, feel that Trump did an amazing job during last night’s presidential debate. On social media, the former president’s supporters cheered him on, stating he appeared far more competent and energetic than Biden. 

Conservatives on social media also panned the current president for appearing weak and ultimately unprepared to be on a debate stage. Multiple polls in the aftermath of the Trump-Biden debate also showed that many Americans see Trump as the clear winner. This has given Republicans even more momentum as the November election gets closer. 

A Second Presidential Debate is Coming Soon

The next Trump-Biden debate is set to take place on September 10, with ABC News hosting it. This will come roughly two months before Election Day and after the official conventions for both Republicans and Democrats.

During the next presidential debate, it remains to be seen how Trump and Biden perform. Of course, that’s assuming that Democrats decide to keep Biden as their nominee. On social media platforms like X, certain leftists suggested their party would be better served by having someone like Vice President Kamala Harris or even California Gov. Gavin Newsom step in as the Democratic nominee. 

Others called the president “selfish” for insisting on being the one who leads the party in this election. Though despite the panic among the left-wing base, Democratic leaders have been throwing their weight behind Biden. While speaking with the media last night, Newsom responded to questions about calls for Biden to step down, saying this rhetoric was distracting and unhelpful. 

At a rally on Friday, Joe Biden even acknowledged his own performance during the first presidential debate wasn’t the greatest. However, he quickly pivoted by positioning himself as Trump’s moral superior. 

Should Biden and Trump face each other during the second presidential debate, Americans will undoubtedly tune in to see how each candidate performs. Thus far, polls tracking the general election show the former president leading Biden in some key swing states. Biden’s camp, however, has dismissed these polls, saying there’s still quite a bit of time left before Election Day. 

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