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For years on end, Democrats have argued that the United States needs more gun restrictions, due to the amount of individuals who commit crimes with firearms. Time and time again, the left pushes for law-abiding gun owners to pay the price for the actions of violent offenders. Democrats want these restrictions implemented at all levels, from the top on down.

They’ve insisted that red flag laws, strict storage requirements, and other similar reforms need to be put into effect. When Second Amendment advocates point out how these measures can work against lawful firearm owners’ right to self defense, they’re accused of not caring about innocent lives. When a school shooting happens, Democrats rush to vilify the National Rifle Association (NRA) even though none of its members have ever committed one school shooting.

Yet, for all of the left’s talk about the danger of people who don’t adhere to firearm laws, a high-profile person within their own ranks is on criminal trial for gun offenses. This would be none other than Hunter Biden, the infamous son of Joe Biden. 

The first son’s publicly struggled with drugs, escorts, and other vices over the years; though the latest jam he’s in deals with felony charges for illegally buying a gun. 

Hunter Biden infamously wrote about this in his 2021 memoir, Beautiful Things. When the memoir came out, many Americans questioned if the first son knew he was confessing to a crime that could land him with several different felony charges. 

Whether or not Hunter Biden knew or understood this while writing Beautiful Things, he now faces a very high profile criminal trial. Much of the nation is tuning in, eager to keep up with new developments and learn what the final verdict will be. 

The Latest Developments Surrounding Hunter Biden’s Criminal Trial

At this time, the first son has been hit with three felony charges in Delaware. This is due to his 2018 purchase of a Colt revolver gun, despite having a drug addiction.

In the process of this, Hunter Biden allegedly broke the law by lying on the official forms filled out to purchase a firearm. These forms require individuals to affirm that they’re not currently using illegal drugs. Prosecutors in the criminal trial also allege that the first son eventually went on to own the gun he sought out during his addiction to crack. 

Unsurprisingly, Hunter Biden alleges that he’s innocent. He pled not guilty back in September and is hoping to beat the felony charges that could send him to prison for decades. 

Yet, prosecutors are using 2018 email messages from Hunter’s infamous laptop. This has been presented as evidence that he knowingly bought and owned a gun while using illegal substances. In these messages, the first son is reportedly seen discussing his own addiction to crack. 

Hunter Biden’s defense wants the jury to believe otherwise. His attorney, Abbe Lowell, is therefore making the case that when Hunter purchased his Colt revolver in 2018, he was abusing alcohol, rather than illegal drugs. Lowell’s also presented bank statements which detail the first son’s alcohol purchases, while arguing that evidence from the prosecution existed after Hunter Biden obtained his firearm. 

So far, the trial remains ongoing. Both the prosecution and defense have called witnesses to make their case and ultimately get the jury to see things their way. Hunter Biden’s daughter and uncle both testified in his defense, speaking to his apparent fitness levels and state of mind after seeking a firearm. 

The prosecution brought forward the clerk and employees from the store where Hunter Biden purchased the Colt revolver. Testimonies from both individuals confirmed to the jury that the first son appeared of clear mind when filling out documents for his firearm purchase. He clearly wrote “no” on the form’s section that questioned if he was addicted to or illegally using controlled substances. 

On Friday morning, the prosecution formally rested its case. The defense is next up and could be done with their case by Monday. If so, then the jury will begin to deliberate and go over all evidence presented on either Tuesday or Wednesday. This means a verdict on the three felony charges in this criminal trial could be available within just one week’s time. 

Will Joe Biden Help Hunter Dodge These Felony Charges?

If a jury determines that Hunter Biden is guilty of the charges brought against him, he’s looking at serious time behind bars. It’s for this reason that many Americans believe the president may step in and pardon Hunter, in the event of a guilty verdict. 

Amid the trial, Joe Biden’s gone on record, talking about his “boundless love” for his son. He also told the media that if Hunter is ultimately found guilty in this criminal trial, he won’t deliver a pardon to spare his son from prison. 

That remains to be seen. For what it’s worth, many Americans aren’t buying it. Much of the country feels that if push comes to shove, the president would opt to pardon his son – should he face a conviction for these felony charges – rather than allow him to spend possibly decades in prison. 

Such a scenario is actually quite plausible. Since running for president and getting into the White House, Joe Biden has made multiple promises that he didn’t stand by when it mattered most. 

During the 2020 campaign, then-candidate Biden said he wouldn’t mandate the COVID vaccine. Less than two years later, the president pushed for a vaccine requirement that would have forced millions of Americans to either get the shot or lose their jobs. 

Biden promised that he’d bring this country together and not pit Republicans against Democrats. Yet, multiple times throughout his presidency, Biden’s given angry speeches railing against “MAGA Republicans.” 

What this president says cannot be taken at face value. If Hunter Biden is convicted on the three felony charges he faces in his current criminal trial, there’s a very high possibility that his father will swoop in with a pardon at the eleventh hour.

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