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Last Updated on: 18th June 2024, 09:30 am

In 2022, Democrat John Fetterman won election to the US Senate, narrowly beating the Trump-endorsed Mehmet Oz. Throughout his campaign, Fetterman infamously struggled with speaking abilities in the aftermath of his stroke. Many people voiced concerns about how the stroke impacted his mind. Others suggested that rather than seeking public office, then-candidate Fetterman should be focused on his medical recovery. 

Democrats, of course, brushed off these concerns and mischaracterized them as Republicans mocking John Fetterman for having a stroke. Many Americans, on both sides of the aisle, were also somewhat shocked when the Democrat won such a close Senate race. 

Upon his victory in Pennsylvania, leftists assumed that John Fetterman – who branded himself as a staunch progressive – would be one of their top congressional allies once he assumed office. 

This isn’t working out so well, especially for far-leftists with no regard for border security, Israel’s right to self-defense, or other critical issues facing this nation. In fact, as the Democratic senator comes under attack from radical left-wingers like Rep. Pramila Jayapal, he’s clearing the air with some interesting new updates. 

John Fetterman Sheds the “Progressive” Label

During a recent sit-down with CNN, the Pennsylvania senator stated he’s now a “regular Democrat,” rather than a progressive. Elaborating, John Fetterman explained that while he was a progressive eight years ago, the political landscape shifted since then and the label of progressive “left him.” 

The senator then proceeded to voice concerns about the far left’s fixation on “purity tests” and lack of regard for matters of national concern. Border security, for instance, is an issue that John Fetterman takes seriously. While speaking with CNN, the congressman expressed that border security for the United States needs to happen. 

Unfortunately, other Democrats, such as Rep. Pramila Jayapal, are on the record consistently opposing border security measures. Some have even gone as far as claiming that any Democrat who appears to support commonsense immigration measures is an undercover Republican or conservative. 

Meanwhile, the Biden administration has been under fire for a rampant uptick in border crossings taking place on its watch. Conservatives across the nation contend that the president isn’t doing enough to secure the southern border and is subsequently putting Americans at risk. 

John Fetterman has spoken at length about border security, even going on Fox News to discuss the matter. During a sit down with host Chad Pergram, the senator said he was “astonished” by hundreds of thousands of migrants pouring across the southern border. 

Unlike Rep. Pramila Jaypal, John Fetterman believes being “pro-immigration” doesn’t have to stand at odds with maintaining border security. The senator has also stated there’s a difference between legal immigration that contributes to the United States vs. unlawful crossings that aren’t appropriately vetted or controlled. 

Support for Israel Puts John Fetterman At Odds with Progressives

Just like border security, support for Israel is another issue where the Pennsylvania lawmaker differs from members of his own party. Many left-wingers, and especially those on the far left, recently came out in favor of Palestine and even the Islamic terrorist group known as Hamas. 

There’s an undeniable overlap between both groups, with many of their members deeming Israel as an “apartheid state” that doesn’t have the sovereign right to self-defense. Others have gone completely off the deep end, insisting Hamas is a group of “freedom fighters” seeking to liberate Palestinians from so-called Israeli “oppression.” 

Suffice it to say, John Fetterman does not share these views. The Pennsylvania Democrat has repeatedly affirmed Israel’s right to self-defense, making it clear that he won’t back down from this position. Months ago, the senator even went viral for walking through a crowd of angry, pro-Palestine protesters while holding up the Israeli flag. 

Today, the litmus test for being a progressive entails being as far left as possible, denying the importance of border security, and demonizing Israel for fighting back against Islamic terrorism. While Rep. Pramila Jayapal and other progressives may see no issue with any of this, it’s clear that John Fetterman has a vested interest in distancing himself from all of it. 

The Brain Damage Factor

With much of the country fascinated by John Fetterman’s apparent political shift, he’s not hesitating to speak about it with multiple outlets. Earlier this month, the Democratic senator appeared on Real Time With Bill Maher to discuss his presence in American politics. 

Fetterman suggested that recovering from a stroke led to a “freeing” feeling where he’s able to voice his candid beliefs without fear of backlash. Continuing, the left-wing lawmaker told Maher he’s got a new lease on life amid beating a stroke. For this reason, he won’t be letting any in-party critics hold him back. 

Predictably, progressives aren’t too pleased with John Fetterman. Many of them frequently take to social media, opining about the many ways they feel betrayed by his political shift. Others accuse the Pennsylvania senator of “selling out,” all for the supposed transgressions of backing border security and affirming Israel’s sovereign right to exist. 

Whatever the cause, it’s clear that the John Fetterman of today is very different than the one who existed five or even two years ago. 

More Democrats Could Follow Suit

As the Democrat Party gets increasingly more radical, more of its members are jumping ship. John Fetterman shedding the “progressive” label comes as Sen. Joe Manchin recently left the Democrats and re-registered as an Independent. 

Like Fetterman, Joe Manchin has repeatedly come under fire from the left for failing to acquiesce to the party’s most extreme policies. Radical Democrats, time and time again, show there’s no room for diversity of thought in their party. There is only room for conformity, meaning any left-winger who dares to articulate support for border security or Israel will be ostracized accordingly. 

Because of all this, Americans can expect the ranks of the Democrat Party to keep getting smaller. In fact, if leftists continue to antagonize John Fetterman, he could possibly join Manchin in leaving the party to become Independent. Whatever happens, it’s more apparent than ever that the Democrat Party – as a collective – is on a collision course.

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