Over the years, Joe Biden’s been caught and photographed in various creepy positions. In many of them, he appears to be sniffing underage girls or other individuals close to him. Given this pattern of behavior, many Americans can’t help but wonder what else Biden may have gotten up to while the cameras weren’t rolling. 

Judging from the diary of his daughter, Ashley Biden, what happened behind the scenes was a lot worse. In Ashley’s diary, she wrote about her father taking showers with her when she was underage and still physically developing. To normal people, this isn’t appropriate or something that fathers should do with their daughters. 

Such disturbing information only became public knowledge after Ashley’s diary was discarded in an empty hotel room and later found by a woman named Aimee Harris. Now, the Department of Justice is going after Harris for supposedly “stealing” Ashley’s diary and selling its contents to watchdog organization Project Veritas. 

Something Isn’t Adding Up

The Justice Department wants Harris to spend up to ten months behind bars for the alleged theft of this diary, along with other items, such as family pictures and tax records. Yet, for years, the public was told that any allegations of Ashley being made to take showers with her father were untrue. 

This therefore begs to question: if none of the claims made in Ashley’s diary have merit, then why is the Justice Department seeking jail time for the woman accused of “leaking” it? Many conservatives want answers. Others even believe that the executive branch – led by Biden – wants to keep any dirt on him under wraps.

As the drama makes headlines, various media outlets have attempted to contact the White House for an explanation, albeit to no avail. 

Is the DoJ Making an Example of Harris?

On social media, some conservatives are warning that the Justice Department is using Aimee Harris to send a message to others who may potentially reveal uncomfortable truths about the Biden family. 

Others have pointed to demands for her imprisonment as another example of the current president weaponizing the federal government to advance his personal and political objectives. 

Either way, it’s looking like the Department of Justice is pulling out all the stops to ensure Harris gets jammed up. How this all shakes out could very well determine if other whistleblowers come forward to expose evidence of crime and corruption.

Gabrielle Seunagal

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