Left wingers Have Completely Taken Over NPR

Left wingers Have Completely Taken Over NPR

For years, it’s been pretty well-established that the mainstream media isn’t all that friendly to conservatives. Though the extent to which the left has gotten the press in its hooks may shock some people. 

Believe it or not, CNN and NBC News are far from the only platforms with an overtly anti-conservative bias. In fact, they’re barely the tip of the iceberg. Many other media outlets, including those that present themselves as objective and fair, are also neck-deep in leftist ideology. 

New details shared by a long-time editor of the National Public Radio (NPR) just shined a light on this. 

It’s Worse Than You Thought

With 25 years of working for NPR, reporter Uri Berliner has quite a solid grasp on what’s happening over there behind the scenes. In a bombshell reveal, Berliner informed the public that every single employee at the organization is a registered Democrat. Not a single one is a Republican or even an Independent. 

NPR, given its audience, doesn’t have much incentive to make any meaningful changes. Berliner also made it known that 67% of NPR’s audience is liberal, while only 11% is conservative. 

All things considered, it’s more than apparent that NPR is not only far from objective, but it’s also incentivized to be as leftist and anti-conservative as possible. Yet when funding is involved, NPR has no problem taking money from the very Americans it clearly despises. 

A Great Case for Defunding NPR

Some people may question why NPR’s employee demographics or chosen manners of reporting really matter. Unfortunately, this matters a great deal because the outlet receives direct funding from the United States government, i.e. American taxpayers. 

This means the hard-earned money everyday people work for is going towards an organization that hates them and is actively incentivized to work against them. If NPR wants to go this route, it shouldn’t do so with US taxpayers – a demographic that includes millions of conservatives – funding them in the process. 

Unfortunately, despite the bombshell revealed by Uri Berliner, there’s no sign that NPR will be making any adjustments to its reporting or operations.

In fact, NPR CEO Katherine Maher is already targeting Berliner for coming forward, accusing him of “disrespecting” the news outlet. Interestingly enough, there’s been no word from Maher on the disrespect shown to conservative taxpayers who help keep her organization afloat.

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