Biden Now Trying to Bribe His Way Into a Second Term

No one can deny that New York City faces many problems. The cost of living is skyrocketing, crime is on the rise, and people can’t even use public transit without being in fear for their safety. Just earlier this month, two men riding the Brooklyn subway got into a scuffle that ended with shootings, one person getting stabbed, and other passengers fleeing the scene. 

In spite of all this, officials in the Democratic stronghold decided that other matters need to be tended to, namely free handouts for illegal immigrants. This week, the city announced a $53 million program that will give illegals prepaid debit cards to cover their grocery and baby supply bills. 

You Really Can’t Make This Up

According to NYC officials, migrants who get these prepaid debit cards will receive up to $1,400 each month. As for the requirement that they only use this money on food and baby care, well, illegals need only “promise” not to use the prepaid cards for other expenses. In layman’s terms, there’s no serious way of enforcing this rule. 

Though even if there was, the fact that illegal immigrants are getting a free $1,400 per month while many New Yorkers struggle with rising costs of living speaks to a much bigger problem. Where’s the money coming from, you might ask? Well, a huge chunk of it comes from higher taxes, meaning US citizens in the Big Apple will see their paychecks getting even smaller. 

New York City plans to run this $53 million program for up to six weeks and then evaluate whether or not to keep or scrap it. In the meantime, Americans depending on SNAP benefits aren’t even getting as much money as illegals can anticipate under this program. 

New York City is Asking For Trouble

For a while, it seemed the Big Apple was starting to come around and recognize that facilitating illegal immigration just isn’t conducive to a prosperous America. At one point, even left-wing Mayor Eric Adams conceded that the city needed “changes” to sanctuary city policies. 

Apparently, this has all gone out the window. Today, Adams is fully on board with giving illegals $1,400 per month while countless New Yorkers wonder how to keep their lights on. 

What NYC officials need to understand is that programs like this invite and incentivize unlawful border crossings. If migrants know they’ll be handsomely rewarded with free money for violating our immigration laws, why wouldn’t they go for it? 

With this new program, Democrats have opened a new can of worms. One way or another, they’ll have to face the consequences accordingly.

Gabrielle Seunagal

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