Biden Now Trying to Bribe His Way Into a Second Term

New York City is becoming an increasingly dangerous place to live or even set foot in. Just weeks ago, people riding a Brooklyn train were forced to flee after a passenger got stabbed and shot multiple times. 

Earlier this week, the Big Apple also announced it’ll be giving illegal immigrants free, prepaid debit cards, an act that’s almost guaranteed to attract more lawbreakers to the community. 

Amid such negligence from leftist leaders, the destruction from treating crime with kid gloves is getting worse. Over the past week, stories have emerged of women in New York City being randomly punched in the face by an unknown man. These are women simply minding their own business, doing nothing to provoke aggression from anyone. 

Up until now, social media users on X and TikTok speculated about who was behind these attacks. Some people even questioned whether the random punchings were carried out by one man or a group of different men. 

Now, one suspect has finally been identified. 

Deranged Offender Makes NYC Even More Unsafe

At this time, Skiboky Stora, a failed 40-year-old politician who previously ran for governor under New York’s “Freedom Party,” is believed to have attacked at least one woman in New York City. 

On Wednesday, March 27, police arrested Stora after he was caught on camera punching a woman named Halley Kate. Since being taken into custody, he faces charges of harassment and assault. 

So far, it remains unclear if Stora is the attacker of other women who were violently struck in the face while walking around. However, law enforcement does consider him a suspect and is looking into the aforementioned incidents. 

Unsurprisingly, this is not Stora’s first run-in with the law, nor is it his first time being apprehended for assaulting others. Sadly, New York’s refusal to enforce real consequences for Stora’s prior crimes paved the way for him to attack at least one woman this week.

New York is Playing with Fire

After Skiboky Stora’s arrest, it didn’t take long for concerned citizens to do some research into him. What they discovered was nothing short of unnerving. 

On his social media accounts, Stora has recorded himself harassing women in public, calling them vulgar slurs, and even following them onto trains. The failed politician is also on video ranting about white men, baselessly accusing people of racism, and even bullying public service employees like police, transit officers, and postal workers. 

As more information comes out, the NYPD admits that Stora’s been let back on the streets before, despite previous arrests. 

Making the Big Apple safe again is going to demand a complete overhaul of current leftist leadership. New York City’s crime problem has been ongoing for years. Yet, Democrats running the show continue ignoring it. The consequences of this couldn’t be worse.

If New Yorkers want to feel safe again, their first step must be voting out left-wing politicians who are committed to pampering criminals like Skiboky Stora.

Gabrielle Seunagal

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