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Last Updated on: 26th June 2024, 04:34 pm

This November, the American people will vote not just in the presidential race, but also in a series of congressional elections. With the latter races set to determine which political parties ultimately control the House and Senate moving forward, the stakes are quite high. 

Republicans and Democrats have each prioritized certain issues and are hoping to enact subsequent agendas. In order to do this, they need enough congressional seats to override the opposition and potentially override a presidential veto as well. Though with Republicans narrowly holding the House and Democrats barely holding the Senate, getting supermajorities is much easier said than done.   

Naturally, more than one political issue at hand will be on the minds of the American people. As such, various political organizations on both sides of the aisle are going to work on behalf of either Republicans or Democrats. With Joe Biden presently in the White House, Democrats have a significant hold on power in the federal government. 

Republicans, meanwhile, are eagerly working to take back the White House and the Senate, along with expanding their modest majority in the House. Naturally, Democrats don’t want this to happen and will be pulling out all the stops accordingly. 

Breaking news now confirms that the left is centering one key political issue, that being the matter of abortion. 

Planned Parenthood Commits to a $40 Million Investment Ahead of November

Between now and Election Day, Planned Parenthood is one of several political organizations that will be working to get Joe Biden and congressional Democrats across the finish line. To do this, they’re banking on abortion being the political issue that ultimately persuades Americans to vote against Republicans. 

Since the 2022 midterms, Democrats have been focusing on abortion ad nauseam and they’re not about to stop now. This is the one bullet in their chamber that they see as virtually guaranteed to help them come out on top against Republicans.

As part of Planned Parenthood’s work, $40 million is going towards campaigning efforts across key battleground states. This means that Americans in Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona, Pennsylvania, etc. will be seeing more ads promoting the Biden campaign. 

Democrats’ intense focus on the political issue of abortion will be seen across TV, in mail advertising, phone banking, and canvassing initiatives. Planned Parenthood Votes executive director Jenny Lawson even went on the record saying the $40 million investment is what will “energize” voters to back leftist candidates in November. 

The Biden campaign is also zeroing in on abortion as a central political issue. On social media, the president’s official accounts have started targeting pro-life laws across various states. Similar online content from Vice President Kamala Harris claims that a second Trump term will lead to bans on birth control and IVF. 

Planned Parenthood’s $40 million investment in helping Democratic candidates is far from new. Back in 2020, the left-wing organization spent $45 million to oppose Republicans and support Democrats. Ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, Planned Parenthood invested another $50 million to help get leftist candidates into office. 

For all intents and purposes, the organization’s announcement of a $40 million investment is to be expected. 

Other Political Organizations Are Getting Involved

With Planned Parenthood committing to $40 million across multiple battleground states, pro-life groups like SBA Pro-Life America are likewise getting involved ahead of the November election. 

SBA Pro-Life America has committed to outreach that centers voters in Georgia, Arizona, Ohio, and other high-stakes states. The pro-life movement also cautions that Planned Parenthood and other Democrats are bastardizing the political issue of abortion in an attempt to hide radical positions. 

Political organizations’ focus on abortion comes as voters across multiple states prepare to cast ballots on various abortion referendums. Florida, Nevada, and Arizona each have abortion referendums to decide upon this November. As such, groups like SBA Pro-Life America will put in the work to persuade Americans accordingly. 

Democrats have also expressed hopes that states with abortion referendums will see more people vote in favor of Biden and other left-wing candidates. To ensure this happens, various local and state chapters of Planned Parenthood are similarly getting involved, beyond the national chapter’s $40 million investment. 

Nevada Advocates For Planned Parenthood Affiliates PAC just released a statement through its executive director, Lindsey Harmon. In Harmon’s remarks, she stated abortion-centered ballot initiatives aren’t enough for Democrats. Following this, Harmon stressed that Democrats want to see Americans backing the “infrastructure” that permits abortion access in the first place. 

What Happens if Democrats Get Their Way?

If Democrats get their way on the political issue of abortion, Americans can count on them moving full steam ahead. Following the $40 million investment, Planned Parenthood will likely work with left-wing officeholders to make abortion as accessible as possible. 

Even beyond the involvement of political organizations, Democrats themselves have laid out their goals as they pertain to this matter. The Biden campaign is already running on a promise to revive Roe v. Wade and make it the law of the land, should he receive a second term in office. 

The president’s reelection team is also urging the American people to back Democratic congressional candidates. This is being pushed so that Republicans in the House and Senate lack the votes to block leftist abortion policies. 

Between now and November, the pro-life movement will need to convince Americans that what Planned Parenthood and other Democrats are pushing for is an extreme agenda. They’ll also have to compete with the $40 million that leftists are pouring into reaching voters across the United States.

This November, the American people will have the final say on what the federal government can do regarding abortion as a political issue. If Republicans significantly increase their political power, they’ll have much more room to block Democratic efforts to codify abortion access. Though if Democrats build upon the federal power they currently hold, there will likely be close to no limits on abortion access. 

How do you think Planned Parenthood’s $40 million investment in pro-abortion campaigning will impact the November election?

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