Pornhub Busted in Sex Trafficking Scandal

Pornhub Busted in Sex Trafficking Scandal

With our nation’s southern border all but wide open, it’s no surprise that crimes like drug smuggling and human trafficking have been on the rise. Trafficking is a rampant problem plaguing our communities and children’s safety; though it exists beyond nefarious illegals posing as the parents or guardians of kids they exploit for profit. 

As degeneracy is increasingly – and tragically – embraced by society, Pornhub is right at the epicenter of it all. For far too long, the company has slid under the radar amid letting rapists and sex traffickers make bank from the exploitation of abused victims – many of them being underage. 

How Pornhub Fuels Sex Trafficking

After careful reviews and investigations, an insidious loophole in Pornhub’s content and moderation policies has been discovered. 

To put it simply, the pornographic website only requires users who are uploading footage to submit photo identification. Meanwhile, the ages of individuals who appear in videos on the platform are not verified. 

This innately paves the way for the sex trafficking scandal Pornhub now finds itself in the midst of. The company won’t be able to claim ignorance, as its CEO Mike Farley was caught on video boasting about this age verification loophole. 

Farley admitted to an undercover Sound Investigations reporter that Pornhub is well aware of the loophole and the leeway it gives human traffickers, rapists, and other predators. 

Not only is Pornhub refusing to remedy this problem, but the company has also taken active steps to legally shield itself from repercussions. Farley, while secretly recorded, admitted Pornhub has lawyers who “brief [them] on what to say” in the event they face legal ramifications. 

Holding Pornhub Accountable For Its Role in Sex Trafficking

Per Farley, Pornhub won’t be taking any action to verify the ages of people appearing in videos on its platform. 

Why not? Well, the company stands to lose a lot of money if it closes this loophole. In other words, Pornhub has no problem allowing graphic footage of minors and other rape or sex trafficking victims to stay online, so long there’s a profit to be made. 

While Farley and others at the company may see this as just another Tuesday, America’s leaders thankfully don’t agree. 

To date, 26 attorneys general across the country signed a letter to Pornhub’s parent company Aylo, alerting the platform of its duty to protect children and the most vulnerable from sexual exploitation. These attorneys general likewise called upon Aylo to share – in forthright detail – the efforts it’s taking to ensure that child sexual abuse material does not appear on Pornhub. 

Here in the United States, producing and/or sharing child sexual abuse material breaches state and federal regulations. As such, Pornhub was hit with a recent class action lawsuit, in which Farley and others are facing subpoenas. 

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