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On October 7, 2023, Israel was attacked out of the blue by the vicious, Palestinian terrorist group known as Hamas. It was during this invasion that Israeli citizens, along with others attending a music festival, found themselves rounded up, kidnapped, and forcibly taken to Gaza. Hamas then invaded the homes of Israeli citizens, executing them indiscriminately. 

To this day, there are hundreds more people who have yet to be brought home. Though earlier this month, the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and other law enforcement groups managed to rescue four hostages.

Naturally, the news of Hamas’ invasion quickly spread around the world after October 7. While many individuals have backed Israel’s right to self-defense, others adopted an antagonistic attitude towards the Jewish state. In more extreme cases, some anti-Israel protesters even assert that Hamas are fighters for freedom, seeking to “liberate” Palestine from a so-called apartheid state. Naturally, nothing could be more removed from reality. 

During an appearance on The View, talk show host Bill Maher discussed these matters with co-host Ana Navarro and fellow guest Charlamagne Tha God. 

Setting the Record Straight on Anti-Israel Protesters

Days ago, demonstrators supporting Palestine made headlines for disrupting a gun-related event attended by Joe Biden. It was this interruption that sparked debates among the left about whether the anti-Israel protesters were going too far and hijacking other important issues. 

There’s no sign of this slowing down either. Folks who back Palestine and/or Hamas have made their allegiances quite clear. A growing sense of frustration amongst anti-Israel protesters, however, is the fact that Democratic leaders aren’t joining them in calling for the destruction of the Jewish nation. While some Democrats have endorsed a two-state solution, they’ve also shied away from the more extreme anti-Israel rhetoric.

To this end, Maher said it would be wise for the left wing to avoid calling these people “stupid” and instead recognize them as “ignorant.” In making this point, the talk show host told both Ana Navarro and Charlamagne Tha God that anti-Israel protesters don’t necessarily lack intelligence, but they do lack knowledge about Middle Eastern affairs. 

Though in the same breath, Maher stated it wouldn’t be politically advantageous for the Biden campaign to publicly denounce anti-Israel demonstrators as ignorant. Instead, he believes the president’s reelection team would be better served by trying to engage people with concerns about Palestine. 

This may be easier said than done, as a significant part of Biden’s base doesn’t want to hear that Hamas are terrorists. People harboring anti-Israel sentiment also don’t want to hear that the Jewish nation is more than justified in fighting off Hamas and working to rescue more hostages from Gaza.

What’s Driving the Ignorance Among the Anti-Israel Ranks?

Many individuals who favor Palestine over Israel have made objectively false statements about the ongoing conflict. Amid these false statements are assertions that Israel has no right to exist, that Palestinians are being denied basic human rights, and that Hamas are only “freedom fighters” posing resistance against an evil regime. 

What leads to such levels of ignorance? Maher believes that major issues with the American education system are to blame. While speaking with Charlamagne Tha God and Ana Navarro, Maher said teachers aren’t actually educating their students anymore. On the contrary, the talk show host lamented over instructors just “[signing] that diploma” and passing students along, despite their lack of knowledge about important world affairs. 

Whatever the root cause of anti-Israel sentiment, it’s an important matter that’s worth addressing. The misguided notion that paints Hamas as heroes and Israelis as “invaders” getting their just due is a lie that must be dismantled. 

Will the Left Take Any Meaningful Action on This?

Before Maher’s time on The View ended, he discussed with Ana Navarro and Charlamagne Tha God the major antisemitism problem on the left. To this day, anti-Israel protesters have turned violent at many of their pro-Palestine rallies. They’ve made threats against Jewish individuals and even forced Jewish students at Cooper Union to barricade themselves in a library for their own safety. 

Meanwhile, polling shows that Joe Biden’s taken some hits from the pro-Palestine/pro-Hamas wing of the left. Among this rank are many progressives who believe the president has been too lenient on Israel and too harsh against Palestine. Some in this crowd argue the United States should stand behind what they think is Palestine’s fight for “liberation.” 

Certain Democratic leaders at local and state levels have given lip service to the dangers of antisemitism. However, this hasn’t prevented anti-Israel protesters from turning violent at demonstrations, so much so that it’s demanded the presence of law enforcement. 

At the same time, Joe Biden hasn’t made any tangible efforts to educate this bloc of his own party on the truth about Israel. In light of this, there’s no reason to assume the president will change course. All things considered, Biden may just be hoping that Democrats collectively vote for him when faced with the alternative of Trump. 

Everyday Americans should not hold their breath banking on the ignorance of anti-Israel protesters to disappear. For the Democrats who have spoken out in support of Israel and against antisemitism, their remarks are frequently dismissed by the pro-Palestine and pro-Hamas crowd. 

These individuals often accuse pro-Israel Democrats of “selling out” or otherwise taking the side of oppressors. In the mind of those with deep, anti-Israel sentiment, the only acceptable outcome in the Middle East is one where the Jewish nation is completely taken off the map. 

With the current war between Israel and Hamas set to potentially drag on for years, only time will tell if the left can eventually get a hold of the radicals among their ranks. Regardless, the majority of Americans who do acknowledge Israel’s right to exist and defend against attacks will continue showing their support accordingly. 

Across the United States (and even in other nations), thousands of people have gathered to peacefully protest and counter radical, anti-Israel sentiment. 

Do you agree with Bill Maher’s view that anti-Israel protesters are suffering from ignorance, rather than stupidity?

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