US Economic Growth Eaten Alive By Inflation

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For quite some time, left-wing Democrats have been shouting from the rooftops that US economic growth is on the rise. Joe Biden himself falsely claims in speeches that job growth is rising and folks are prospering with him in the White House. Americans should expect to keep hearing these lies as Biden pulls out all the stops to secure a second presidential term. 

Unfortunately, US economic growth is not faring well under the current administration. The growth rate of inflation is skyrocketing, as are the numbers of people unable to make ends meet, going into debt, and even struggling to care for their kids. In some of the most extreme scenarios, Americans under Biden are having to choose between paying the power bill vs. buying enough groceries to feed their families. 

Democrats may want the country to believe that US economic growth has never been better, but the numbers prove otherwise. 

WSJ Dismantles Leftist Lies on Economic Growth Rate

Just last week, the Wall Street Journal revealed that US economic growth dwindled down to a measly 1.6%. At the same time, Americans also learned inflation is expected to increase even further, thanks to the personal consumption expenditures (PCE) price index reaching 3.7%. 

Before, Democrats would counter talks of rising inflation by speaking about GDP growth temporarily surpassing 2% under Biden. Why is GDP important? Well, it speaks to the status of the economy. Typically, GDP growth is a positive economic sign, whereas GDP decline is a negative indicator.

However, the GDP rate does not make up for inflation or the real challenges Biden has inflicted upon our nation’s economy. Even for those who make the argument that the current GDP bodes well for the country, it only saw a 1.6% increase from January to March. That 1.6% is a far cry from the 2.2% that economists expected, along with the 3.4% growth experienced during 2023’s fourth quarter. 

By all accounts, America’s economy is on very thin ice.

Further insight from WSJ lets Americans know that as our nation’s growth rate declines, so do the rates of exports and consumer spending. This isn’t hard to fathom, as everyday living costs in 2024’s first quarter still surpassed those seen before COVID hit. Of course, Biden and his allies aren’t going to be forthcoming about these facts. 

Inflation is Hurting US Economic Growth…Big Time

Unfortunately, the economy is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. Despite the many problems our country faces, Biden – aided by Democrats and RINOS in Congress – is continuing to approve spending bills like there’s no tomorrow. 

In the latest foreign aid package, tens of billions of dollars went to Ukraine and other countries; meanwhile, our nation’s leaders are completely disregarding all the signs that show inflation is going to keep spiraling out of control. 

This means in the months and years to come, Americans will have to either increase their income or decrease their expenses. Ironically, the former is getting harder and harder, as more companies lay off workers to offset the impacts of inflation. As time passes, people are having to decide whether filling their medications or paying the monthly light bill is more important.

With the rise of inflation, interest rates are also going up, which does no favors for US economic growth. An increasing growth rate of interest means that Americans who are barely making ends meet will have more and more trouble getting out of debt.  It shouldn’t be like this.

Expect More Lies About Inflation and US Economic Growth

Throughout his time in the White House, Biden has gaslit everyday Americans about the real impacts of his policies. Years ago, the president and his allies insisted the foreboding growth rate of inflation was merely “temporary.” Fast forward to now and inflation is surpassing US economic growth by miles. 

With Democrats and RINOs running the show, Americans will continue being gaslit and told not to believe the facts about our country’s dire economic conditions. As inflation increases, Biden and other leftists will insist that *more* spending is the answer. Never mind the fact that rampant spending is what caused inflation in the first place, hurting US economic growth in the process. 

Believe it or not, economic suffering goes hand in hand with leftist agendas. 

The first step is pointing to some societal ill and then demanding that government intervention via more spending is the answer. When the extra spending fails and inevitably causes hits to US economic growth, Democrats then claim even *more* spending is needed to rectify the problem. It’s quite the vicious cycle. 

Of course, any attempts from conservatives to lower spending – thus bringing about real economic solutions – are demonized as contributors to the growth rate of inflation and other ills. 

The only path to fixing the economy is first fixing America’s leadership from the top down. At the federal, state, and local levels, Democrats must be voted out of power; otherwise, they will never stop spending and US economic growth will continue to suffer indefinitely. 

This November, Americans have a huge chance to bring about leadership changes at the federal level. Polls have shown that voters are quite concerned about the economy and trust Trump more than Biden on fiscal issues. 

Under the Biden administration, the growth rate of inflation has spiraled, while US economic growth is on life support. The president will not own up to these problems or embrace proven solutions. Instead, Biden will only keep colluding with Congress to pass more spending bills, all to our nation’s great detriment. 

Should he get a second term in office, the worst is yet to come for America’s economy. What we’re seeing now may only be the tip of the iceberg, barring major leadership changes in November. 

No amount of the “why is GDP important” talking point from Democrats is going to fix the growth rate of inflation or rising interests. No amount of lying to Americans about the economy or cherry picking out-of-context data will create more jobs and opportunities. 

To improve US economic growth in meaningful, lasting ways, Biden – and his allies nationwide – must be voted out of power effective immediately.

Gabrielle Seunagal

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