Despite misguided claims from the left, biological males – without exception – have no business in any women’s sports competition. By nature, men and women have different bone structures, lung capacities, and other immutable characteristics. This does not change even when biological males take hormones (or undergo various surgeries) to present as women. 

Unfortunately, anyone who draws attention to these objective facts is labeled as “transphobic” or “bigoted.” Though true bigotry is denying women the opportunity to practice and compete in their own sports competitions.

Thankfully, World Athletics is putting an end to this insanity once and for all. Days ago, the international sports body announced that biological males will be prohibited from competing in world rankings competitions for female athletes. 

CeCe Telfer Isn’t Happy About This

Despite being biologically male, CeCe Telfer competed in the women’s division of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) in June 2019. He then went on to win the track and field hurdles event while cosplaying as a woman. 

Interestingly enough, Telfer only switched to the women’s division after initially going up against other men, yet pitifully washing out. 

While the NCAA allowed this, World Athletics isn’t going for it. After learning about this organization’s ruling, the 6′ 2” Telfer claimed it “devastated” him and others (presumably biological males seeking to compete in women’s sports) around the world. 

Yet, in years past, many women have felt increasingly devastated as adult men invade their sports and rob them of hard-earned opportunities. Telfer doesn’t seem to care too much about this. 

Nevertheless, World Athletics explained the reason for its decision: “male anatomical differences” stay with biological males following puberty. The effects of male puberty don’t disappear even for men who take estrogen or undergo surgical procedures to appear less masculine.

As such, if Telfer wants to participate in world ranking competitions, he’ll have to do so alongside his fellow males. 

A Growing Pattern to Worry About

Believe it or not, CeCe Telfer is not the first male who performed poorly in men’s sports, only to then do a switcheroo to women’s teams. 

William “Lia” Thomas first competed in the NCAA division at the University of Pennsylvania, coming in well below his fellow males. Though after Thomas “switched” to women’s swimming, he “won” the championship, “beating” biological women like Riley Gaines. 

Now, Gaines and many other female athletes are suing the NCAA, accusing the organization of violating Title IX.

What a coincidence that both Telfer and Thomas started out in men’s sports competitions, washed out, and then began “identifying” as women. World Athletics’ decision to stand against this should be modeled by every other sports group. 

Women should compete against fellow female athletes and men should compete against other males. Leftists who argue otherwise often claim to be “enlightened” and supportive of women’s rights. Yet, enabling people like Tefler and Thomas to invade female sports does an immense disservice to women and girls everywhere.

Gabrielle Seunagal

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