Controversial Opinions: Douglas K. Murray Dismantles Anti-Israel Journalist

Controversial Opinions: Douglas K. Murray Dismantles Anti-Israel Journalist

On October 7, Hamas terrorists invaded Israel, attacking, kidnapping, and executing the nation’s citizens. In spite of this, many left-wingers present an alternate, fictitious version of events. They’ve painted Israel as the villain, while portraying Hamas as heroic freedom fighters who are justified in their actions. 

Nothing could be further from the truth. 

To this day, Hamas is holding numerous Israelis and American citizens as hostages in Gaza. Many Democrats either ignore or justify these atrocities by accusing Israel of “occupying” land that belongs to Palestinians. 

Days ago, British journalist Douglas K. Murray strategically tackled each of these falsehoods and brought the truth to light. 

An Interview for the Ages

During a sit-down with Eyewitness News, Murray spoke with host Jane Dutton about the situation in Israel. 

The conversation took an interesting turn when Dutton suggested that Israel fighting back against Hamas constitutes “genocide.” After being pressed on whether or not he agrees, Murray stated not only is Israel not engaging in genocide, but to suggest otherwise is a smear against the Jewish state. 

Naturally, Dutton wasn’t happy about this. She eventually made the baseless claim that Israel is attempting to wipe out all Gazans. Once more, Murray had to refute this by stating Hamas is facing due “repercussions” for invading and attacking Israel. This is in no way tantamount to Gazans or Palestinians collectively being wiped out. 

Verified Facts Beat Left-wing Fiction

As the Eyewitness News interview continued on, Dutton accused Israel of “illegally occupying” and “encircling” Gaza. Of course, this forced Murray to explain why such an argument doesn’t hold water. 

For starters, before October 7, Israel happily allowed Gazans into the country to work and receive healthcare. At the same time, Egypt, which shares a border with Gaza just like Israel, refused to let Palestinians into the country. Dutton, unsurprisingly, had nothing of substance to counter with when confronted with this information. Though she did interrupt Murray and attempt to redirect the discussion multiple times. 

The British journalist didn’t stop there. He later informed Dutton that back in 2005, Israeli troops removed every last Jewish family from Gaza, completely handing over the land to Palestinians. This, alone, proves that Israel is not “illegally occupying” Gaza. Palestinians have controlled the land for nearly 20 years.

Despite Israel giving all of Gaza to the Palestinian people, the latter still voted Hamas into power, an act which has supremely backfired upon them. 

All of the points made by Douglas K. Murray are well-documented and fact-based. In spite of this, Dutton still tried to overtalk him and didn’t appear to understand reality even after the interview wrapped up.

All things considered, we can only hope that Eyewitness News viewers learned from Murray and won’t continue being misled by leftists with an ax to grind against Israel.

Gabrielle Seunagal

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