Debate Rekindled: Former Senator Sparks Controversy with Bold Claims on Biden's Treatment of Girls and Women

## Bold Claims Reignite Debate Over President Biden’s Treatment of Women

Former Senator Scott Brown has made explosive claims about President Joe Biden’s behavior towards his wife, reigniting the long-running debate about the president’s controversial treatment of women and girls. Brown revealed on the “Burn Barrel Podcast” that he once had to give Biden a strong warning to back off during his swearing-in ceremony several years ago. The incident occurred in 2010, when then-Vice President Biden posed for photos with Brown and his wife, Gail Huff Brown, at the U.S. Capitol.

**Swift Action Against Biden’s Behavior**

“I told him I’d kick the s— out of him, I told him to stop, so yes,” chuckled Brown. The former senator, who later served in the Trump administration as Ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa, initially seemed reluctant to discuss the “old news.” However, when prompted to elaborate, he recalled the moment he called out Biden “to his face.” Brown’s account of the incident comes at a time when the public’s perception of the president is already under scrutiny.

**Controversial Interactions with Women and Girls**

Biden’s interactions with women and young girls have been criticized in the past. In 2020, eight women accused him of sexual misconduct and inappropriate touching. The controversies surrounding his previously unacknowledged granddaughter have also contributed to the ongoing debate. Additionally, Biden’s hair sniffing and other behaviors have made women uncomfortable. These factors have led to a growing disapproval of his conduct.

**Biden’s Unsettling Encounters**

Several incidents have raised eyebrows regarding Biden’s behavior. In July, a video captured him appearing to nibble at the shoulder of a startled young Finnish girl during his departure from Helsinki. The girl’s frightened reaction was evident as she turned away when Biden attempted to peck her on the head. Actress Eva Longoria also had to intervene during a White House film screening when Biden placed his hands on her waist. These encounters highlight the discomfort that women and girls may feel in Biden’s presence.

**Awkward Remarks and Whispers**

The president’s remarks have also raised concerns. In 2021, Biden made a comment about a young girl looking 19 “with her legs crossed” during a speech to military families in Virginia ahead of Memorial Day. He has also made strange comments about his experiences as a lifeguard, including discussing children rubbing his wet leg hair. One of the most famous instances of Biden acting awkwardly around children was when he whispered in the ear of Sen. Chris Coons’ daughter during a swearing-in ceremony.

**Continued Criticisms and Lack of Response**

The debate surrounding Biden’s treatment of women and girls continues to grow. Republicans, including Governor Ron DeSantis, have called attention to these incidents and demanded that Biden keep his hands off children. However, the White House has not responded to inquiries regarding the president’s behavior. As the controversy persists, questions remain about Biden’s actions and their impact on his public image.

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