Lauren Boebert: The Fast Facts That May Surprise You

Lauren Boebert: The Fast Facts That May Surprise You

Lauren Opal Boebert is a Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives, representing Colorado’s 3rd congressional district. Boebert became a star in the Republican Party in 2020 after she defeated incumbent Rep. Scott Tipton in the Republican primaries.

 Here are some more facts about Lauren Boebert that may surprise you:

1. She Graduated From The School Of “Hard Knocks”

Lauren Boebert did not take the conventional road to success. 

Growing up in a family that relied on government assistance, Lauren faced the stark realities of financial struggle. Her household was no stranger to the humbling experience of standing in line for government aid, a situation that left a lasting imprint on her perspective. 

As a teenager, Lauren became pregnant, causing her to drop out of high school.

“I was a brand-new mom, and I had to make hard decisions on successfully raising my child, or getting to high school biology class. And I chose to take care of my child,” Boebert said to The Durango Herald

Despite the hurdles that came with being a young mother, Boebert turned to work as a source of stability and growth. She landed a job at McDonald’s, an entry point into the world of labor and enterprise. The restaurant became a classroom of its own, a place where she learned the value of hard work, perseverance, and the pivotal role businesses like McDonald’s play in communities. Lauren climbed the ranks, proving her mettle and showcasing her potential for leadership.

However, the journey was not without its bumps. Brushes with the law marked certain junctures in her life, including disorderly conduct at a country music concert and a dispute about dogs with a neighbor.

2. She Owned A Restaurant Where The Wait Staff Carried Firearms

From 2013 to 2022, Lauren Boebert owned and operated Shooters Grill, a firearm-themed restaurant located in Rifle, Colorado. What set this establishment apart was its distinctive theme and the practice of waitstaff openly carrying firearms while serving customers.

This aspect of the restaurant garnered significant attention and made it a unique attraction.

Shooters Grill embraced a pro-Second Amendment ethos, aligning with Boebert’s advocacy for gun rights. The restaurant allowed diners to experience a dining environment where firearms were openly displayed, reflecting the owner’s support for the right to bear arms.

The menu itself featured firearm-related naming conventions, adding to the theme. Dishes like the “Guac Nine” burgers and “Swiss and Wesson” sandwiches played on this theme, incorporating a playful and distinctive element into the dining experience.

3. She Carries a Glock In D.C.

Boebert routinely wore a Glock pistol on her hip in Colorado and has a concealed carry permit in D.C. 

In 2021, Boebert went viral for a video that showed her walking through the streets of D.C. with a Glock on her hip. 

“Even though I now live in one of the most liberal cities in America, I refuse to give up my rights, especially my Second Amendment rights,” she says in the video, “I will carry my firearm, in D.C., and in Congress.”

After fellow gun enthusiast and GOP Rep Thomas Massie faced criticism for posting a Christmas picture of his family with guns, Boebert posted her own family pic, writing:

The Boeberts have your six, @RepThomasMassie! (No spare ammo for you, though)

4. She Has Attempted to Impeach Joe Biden

Lauren Boebert tried to impeach Biden in 2021, accusing him of “purposefully and knowingly” releasing millions of migrants into the U.S. “without the intention or ability to ensure that they appear in immigration court to face asylum or deportation proceedings.”

Although the attempt did not eventually succeed, Boebert has not given up.

In June, Boebert, along with the votes of all the House Republicans, initiated historic impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden.

In September, House Republicans, including Lauren Boebert, launched a formal impeachment against President Joe Biden, probing his financial dealings in relation to his son Hunter Biden.


5. She Turned Her Thanksgiving Party Into A Turkey Funeral To Defy COVID Rules

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Boebert defied Colorado’s Thanksgiving gathering restrictions in a fun and creative way.

She turned her party into a turkey funeral.

“In Colorado, Thanksgiving is limited to 10 people, but funerals are limited to 30,” Boebert told Fox News .” So I’m going to have a peaceful funeral for a turkey and have about 30 people at my house.”

Boebert even suggested that the “guest limit” should be increased because she was planning the funeral of two more animals along with the turkey– a pig and a duck. 

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