Robert F. Kennedy Jr: The Fast Facts That May Surprise You

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (RFK) has always been well-known because of his famous last name. Even though he is a Democrat, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has made many enemies on the left in the past few years because of his views on vaccines and vaccine mandates.

Here are some more facts about Robert F. Kennedy Jr. that may surprise you:

1. He is 69 years old

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a spry 69 years old. He was born on January 17, 1954 in Washington, D.C.

Kennedy keeps himself in great shape by working out regularly. A Facebook post from a supporter claims Kennedy drives 4 times every week from his home to the original Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach to work out.

2. He is Married To Actress Cheryl Hines

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been married three times. He is currently married to actress Cheryl Hines, best known for playing the role of Larry David’s wife, Cheryl, on HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has several children from different marriages. His two eldest children, Robert Francis “Bobby” Kennedy III and Kathleen Alexandra Kennedy, are from his first marriage to Emily Ruth Black. 

After their divorce in 1994, he married Mary Kathleen Richardson, with whom he had four children: Conor Richardson Kennedy, William Finbar Kennedy, Aidan Caohman Vieques Kennedy, and Kyra LeMoyne Kennedy.

RFK Jr. and Cheryl Hines have no children together. Cheryl has a daughter named Catherine Young from a previous marriage.

3. Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Voice Sounds Raspy Because Of A Neurological Disease 

RFK Jr. was struck with a neurological disease known as spasmodic dysphonia around 1996. There is no cure for this disease. One of the effects of having spasmodic dysphonia is his raspy-sounding voice.

According to The Washington Examiner, “Spasmodic dysphonia causes voice breaks during speaking and can make the voice sound tight, strained, or breathy.” “In more severe cases, spasms may occur on every word, making a person’s speech very difficult to understand.”

RFK Jr. has often said that he can’t stand the sound of his own voice. 

4. He Experienced Great Loss At a Young Age

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. experienced deep loss during his childhood. When he was just nine years old, his uncle, John F. Kennedy, was assassinated on November 22, 1963. 

Then, at the age of fourteen, he endured another tragedy when his father, who was seeking the Democratic nomination for president, was assassinated on June 6, 1968.

5. He Is Disliked By Many On The Left Because Of His Anti-Vaccine Statements

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has garnered attention for his campaign against vaccines and his criticism of prominent health officials like Dr. Anthony Fauci. 

His social media presence reached a significant audience, with 800,000 followers on Instagram, before being banned due to “misinformation.”

Kennedy’s campaign against vaccines has stirred controversy and backlash from both the medical community and his own family. He is a proponent of the belief that vaccines, particularly those containing mercury as a preservative, are linked to various health conditions, including autism, according to The New York Times. 

During an interview on “Jesse Watters Primetime” on Fox News, RFK stated he would prosecute Dr. Anthony Fauci if elected president, provided his attorney general determined that Fauci had committed crimes during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Kennedy’s comments came as he discussed his book, “The Real Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Big Pharma and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health,” and his previous statements about Fauci’s role and the Wuhan lab leak. 

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