Sanctuary City Sees Lax-on-Crime Policies Backfire

Sanctuary City Sees Lax-on-Crime Policies Backfire

For years, left-wing communities have cemented their status as sanctuary cities, declaring that anyone who seeks entry is welcome. Democrats often paint this as a humane, necessary measure. They claim anyone who supports upholding immigration laws or prioritizing the needs of American citizens is selfish and xenophobic.

To make matters worse, sanctuary cities also tend to be lax-on-crime strongholds. In some cases, prosecutors won’t even go after people who break laws that the left deems to be “inconsequential.”

As seen repeatedly, refusing to hold lawbreakers accountable always backfires. The latest example of this comes out of Brooklyn, NYC.

Why Lax-on-Crime Policies Don’t Work

Across New York City, there’s been a series of crimes happening on public transit systems, making everyday residents fearful for their safety. Just this past Thursday, an unnamed 32-year-old man took the train departing from Nostrand Avenue Station. He had no idea what awaited him.

It wasn’t long before another man, 36, approached him after walking around the moving train and shouting “I’ll beat you up” to other passengers in the vicinity. One thing quickly led to another. Video footage shows the 32-year-old trying to fend off the older aggressor who lunged at him, causing the two to wind up in a scuffle.

As all this broke out, other passengers on the train quickly ran away from the fighting men; although one woman ended up stabbing the 36-year-old, seemingly trying to stop him from terrorizing the younger man and others riding public transit.

The situation then escalated when the aggressive 36-year-old pulled out a firearm. This was when other passengers started running for the exit doors, with one scared woman frantically screaming “let me off!”

The 32-year-old eventually managed to disarm the older aggressor, shooting him in the face, chest, and neck. Over the weekend, the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office announced it wouldn’t pursue charges against the 32-year-old, as he acted in self-defense.

At this time, the whereabouts of the woman who stabbed the 36-year-old attacker remain unknown.

Basic Law and Order Could Have Prevented This

Video footage of the incident clearly shows the 36-year-old man unhinged, dangerous, and ultimately violent. Surely, this wasn’t the first time he caused trouble, threatened others, or made a chaotic scene in public. If he’d been reprimanded sooner, it’s very likely the abhorrent incident during this past Thursday never would have transpired.

In the aftermath of it all, there’s been no indication that New York City officials will reverse their lax-on-crime dispositions and start treating lawbreaking as a serious offense. With public transit crime on the rise, offenders have clearly gotten the message that just about anything goes.

New York is a longtime Democratic stronghold and there’s no sign of this changing anytime soon. Until local and state officials start placing the needs of their citizens first and foremost, everyone is going to suffer.

Gabrielle Seunagal

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