Tim Scott: The Fast Facts That May Surprise You

Tim Scott is a 57-year-old South Carolina senator and highly successful Black conservative who came from very humble beginnings and is now running for President of the United States. 

Here are some more facts about Tim Scott that may surprise you:

1. He Has Broken Glass Ceilings More Than Once

Tim Scott is the only Black Republican in the United States Senate and the sole African American to have served in both chambers of Congress. He also holds a unique position in Senate history as one of just 11 Black senators and one of three currently in office. Scott’s firm belief in the idea that “America is not a racist country” underscores his optimism and the significance of his personal journey. 

2. He is Deeply Religious 

Tim Scott’s political career has been deeply intertwined with his unwavering faith. From his early days as a member of the Charleston County Council to his current role as a U.S. Senator and potential 2024 presidential candidate, Scott has consistently emphasized the importance of faith in his political identity.

One striking example of Scott’s commitment to his Christian values was his effort to post the Ten Commandments at a government building in 1997. He believed that these biblical principles were universal and foundational to American society. 

While this endeavor faced legal challenges and was ultimately removed, it revealed Scott’s conviction in promoting his religious beliefs in the public sphere.

Scott’s faith has remained a central aspect of his political thinking. He sees himself first as a biblical leader and a Christian before identifying as a Republican or conservative.

3. He Has Never Been Married and Has No Children

Despite his success and fame, Scott has never walked down the aisle or experienced the joys of parenthood. In his own words, he has expressed a belief in destiny, stating, “In the right time, I will meet Mrs. Right, and she’ll want to have a couple of kids. Or she ain’t Mrs. Right. Right?” he once wrote. 

He used to have a bumper sticker on his car that read, “True Love Waits.”

In 2018, Scott told Politico that when he found Mrs. Right, he wanted to have six children,” according to the Washington Post.

4. Tim Scott Has A Mystery Girlfriend

On a recent appearance on Fox News, host Brian Kilmeade asked Scott about his “single status.” 

“At this point, I’m taken,” Scott replied. “I have a wonderful girlfriend and we have a wonderful relationship. The good news is, God has blessed me with a smart Christian woman. …”

Trying to pivot away from the question, Scott continued, “But more importantly is why are the headlines there. The headlines are there because, as I rise in the polls, as people show up at my town halls, it scares even my opponents. Everybody wants to find a way to win this race. I’m going to focus on having an optimistic, positive message … and staying focused on the American people, who say they like me a lot.”

Kilmeade wasn’t giving up so easily. 

“We met your mom. Will we meet her? Will we meet your girlfriend?” he asked. 

“You will, of course, at some point,” Scott said.

“OK… great,” Kilmeade answered.

5. He Uses Humor To Deal With Racist Comments

Scott has a unique blend of calm, collectedness and razor-sharp wit, which he uses to deal with tense situations, especially due to his race. 

On one occasion, just before Trump asked Scott to speak, Andy Ostroy, a blogger for HuffPost, posted a tweet that read, “What a surprise… there’s ONE black person there, and of course, they have him positioned right next to the microphone like a manipulated prop. Bravo, @SenatorTimScott.”

 As the event concluded, Scott logged into Twitter and noticed the comment. He swiftly responded, saying, “Uh probably because I helped write the bill for the past year, have multiple provisions included, got multiple Senators on board over the last week and have worked on tax reform my entire time in Congress. But if you’d rather just see my skin color, pls feel free.”

When one X user called Scott a “house n****” after his vote to confirm Sessions, Scott responded back with a witty one-word reply: “Senate.”

Rachel Emmanuel

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