Biden’s Military Assistance to Ukraine is Bleeding America Dry

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In America today, we’re up against a lot of problems. The southern border is coming apart at the seams; inflation is skyrocketing and many people are finding it harder to afford everyday life. As all these problems get worse, Joe Biden is more concerned about sending military assistance overseas than helping folks here at home. 

The president wants Americans to think our country’s challenges aren’t that serious and will eventually fade with time. Unfortunately, that’s simply not the case. In fact, as we see one Biden aid package after the other getting passed into law, it’s actually worsening economic problems like rising inflation and interest rates. 

Biden and the Democrats have been repeatedly warned about this. They’ve been told that spending billions of dollars and expecting the economy to recover in the process is impossible. 

As conservatives continue pointing out, the only way to provide financial relief to the American people is by significantly lowering spending. Sadly, leftists in power continue ignoring such warnings, despite them coming to fruition time and time again. 

For what it’s worth, everyday people clearly see what’s at stake here. Though we shouldn’t expect anything to change so long as Democrats hold the White House and a significant part of Congress. As recently as late last month, the president approved yet another foreign aid package that sends military assistance overseas. 

A Breakdown of Military Assistance in the New Biden Aid Package

As April wrapped up, the president’s signature of a $95 billion spending package sealed its passage into law. This is the latest of many billion dollar bills going into effect, notwithstanding our country’s struggles with enormous debt, job layoffs, and other fiscal setbacks.

Unfortunately, today’s economic crisis was put in motion years ago. The inflation we face now is a result of ineffective leadership going back years. Look no further than stimulus check handouts during COVID, along with the Federal Reserve printing roughly $3.3 trillion in 2020. 

Our economy likewise took hits from supply chain disruptions, which consequently paved the way to greater consumer demands for goods and services. For years – and from many angles – this country’s economy has been suffering. The last thing we need is yet another military assistance bill sending taxpayer dollars overseas.

Biden’s spending package ensures that $15 billion goes towards helping Israel’s military, while a whopping $61 billion is dedicated to Ukraine amid its ongoing war with Russia. There’s no telling when this war will end, as it’s raged on for more than two years. The remaining funds in this bill have been allocated for Gazan humanitarian aid and US regional military procedures. 

As America’s problems get worse, the overwhelming majority of this Biden aid package is about helping other countries settle their issues. The bill ultimately reached the president’s desk after a pivotal congressional debate. Sadly, conservatives who raised concerns about the monetary consequences were drowned out by lawmakers who think spending without abandon is effective governing. 

While Biden signed the bill, he even boasted that it constituted a “good day” and “safer America.” Folks who are having their spending power eaten away by higher living costs and growing interest rates might feel differently. The same can also be said for Americans who recently lost their jobs as companies start cutting overhead costs amid inflation. 

In late April, the president made it clear that from the moment he signed the military assistance package, funds would be dispersed overseas in a matter of hours. 

First up was Ukraine, which Biden guaranteed rocket systems, air defense supplies, armored vehicles, and artillery munitions. Imagine just how better off our southern border would be if it received even a fraction of the aid and supplies going thousands of miles abroad. 

Expect Another Biden Aid Package

This president has stated, in no uncertain terms, that so long as he’s in office, he’ll persist in sending military assistance and billions of taxpayer dollars to Ukraine. In the early months of the conflict, Biden was even asked how much money he’d be willing to spend on this war. Without any hesitation, the president vowed he’d keep sending aid for “as long as it takes.” 

This is not at all comforting to everyday Americans. In fact, it’s a sign of very hard times to come, unless Biden is stopped. The more this president spends taxpayer dollars (with the help of our elected lawmakers), the more inflation will spiral out of control. 

More expenditures in the name of overseas military assistance also guarantee the Federal Reserve won’t be lowering interest rates anytime soon. This means Americans will feel less confident in saving, spending, and investing money. Those who are in debt will face more hurdles as they work to get out of the red. None of this is good for the country. 

At the rate things are going, it’s just a matter of time before another Biden aid package starts making its way through the House and Senate. 

Sure, there will be a congressional debate about the dangers of endless expenditures, but ultimately, most of our elected lawmakers – regardless of whether they have an “R” or “D” next to their names – are prioritizing massive spending over the US economy’s best interests. 

Stop the Bleeding in November

As the United States suffers from our leaders’ destructive actions, an opportunity to change course is only months away. This November, Americans will have the chance to vote out leaders who prioritize military assistance abroad over improving the economy here at home. 

If this president was serious about putting the military to good use, he’d be investing in our own troops, empowering them to defend the southern border. Under the Biden administration, illegal immigration has been a growing problem. Military assistance would not only help get the border back under control, but it would also dissuade future unlawful crossings. 

Unsurprisingly, Biden repeatedly rejects opportunities to put military assistance to good use. Not too long ago, the president was even trying to cripple the US military with disastrous and illegal COVID vaccine mandates. 

Make no mistake: without profound leadership changes, harmful policies across the board are going to further poison America. One Biden aid package after the next will continue to emerge, all to the great detriment of this nation.

In all of this, there is no scenario where the president opts to change course or even slightly modify his current actions. Biden’s congressional allies also aren’t going to wake up one day and decide to stop sending wasteful spending packages to his desk. 

This ends when Americans stand up and vote out the leaders taking us to hell in a handbasket.

Gabrielle Seunagal

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