On paper, it sounds great to declare that America welcomes everyone. In reality, life doesn’t work this way. It’s a lesson that sanctuary cities like NYC, Chicago, and others are learning in real time. 

Next up is Denver. For years on end, leaders in the Democratic stronghold preached about “love and tolerance.” They insisted that anyone – regardless of their immigration status – should be welcomed into our country and treated like royalty. 

The logistics of this aren’t panning out so well. In fact, communities like Denver, NYC, and others have quickly started running out of resources to accommodate illegals in perpetuity. With reality now setting in, Denver dispatched local official Andres Carrera with a message that migrants need to leave the city.  

Denver Should Have Seen This Coming

Most illegal immigrants in Colorado’s capital city are gathering in shelters, waiting for all the benefits they were promised. Unsurprisingly, these facilities are quickly reaching capacity. 

Last week, Carrera made it clear that Denver can no longer accommodate migrants as they seek residency and free handouts. Speaking in Spanish at a local shelter, the official urged illegals to relocate to places like NYC and Chicago, promising they’d have “more opportunities” there. 

Truly attempting to get the message across, Carrera even warned migrants that only “suffering” would await them if they remained in Denver. Of course, none of the illegal aliens agreed to leave.

Even after Carrera stated the city would pay for their relocation expenses, every single migrant still opted to remain put. As his pleas for them to leave were rebuffed and discarded, the Denver official appeared increasingly frustrated. 

Expect More of This From Sanctuary Cities

When conservatives called for upholding immigration laws and not just letting anyone waltz across the border, Democrats deemed it racist. Yet, all of these left-wing strongholds are changing their tune as they face the realities of coddling illegals full-time.

What’s happening now in Denver is eerily similar to Martha’s Vineyard’s reaction when Florida Gov. DeSantis sent illegal immigrants their way in 2022. Remember, during the Trump administration, the Massachusetts island openly promoted itself as a “sanctuary destination” for all immigrants, legal or not. 

Actions speak louder than words, though. When only 50 migrants arrived in their own community, Martha’s Vineyard officials moved quickly. They didn’t welcome these illegals or put them up in any vacation homes. Instead, the island had every single migrant booted out within 24 hours. 

The predicament that Denver faces is one that will impact Chicago, Washington DC, and other sanctuary cities that prioritize illegals over Americans. These left-wing strongholds will continue facing consequences, as the migrants they once welcomed now have zero intentions of leaving. 

Gabrielle Seunagal

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