Here in the United States, unlawful immigration has spiraled out of control, thanks to the aiding and abetting of Democrats. Even so-called “sanctuary cities” that once opened their arms to illegals are now begging them to leave and seek refuge elsewhere. Unfortunately, this can of worms won’t be easily contained. 

Believe it or not, America isn’t the only country facing issues with migrants unlawfully crossing the border and subsequently causing trouble. Across the pond in Britain, the situation has taken such a turn for the worst that citizens may be forced to forfeit their homes to illegal aliens. 

The Warning Signs Are Here

During a GB News segment, political commentator Suzanne Evans drew attention to reports that homeowners will soon have their property “compulsorily purchased,” then subsequently handed to “asylum seekers.” 

Noting the damage this does to property rights in Britain, Evans then revealed that elderly people in particular are being targeted by the government. Reportedly, these folks have been informed their homes are “too big” for them and more suited to meet the needs of illegal aliens. 

At some point, if older people don’t voluntarily give up their homes, Evans warned, the UK government may have them forcibly removed. 

One Elderly Couple Has Already Run into Trouble

The problem that Suzanne Evans drew attention to has been flying under the radar for quite some time now.

Back in February, the Daily Mail reported that British residents Ted and Jose Saunders received a troubling notice from the North Northamptonshire Council. In this letter, the older couple learned their home in Rushden, England was officially deemed “derelict” and they may be legally mandated to sell it. 

76-year-old Jose spoke publicly about the matter, stating she and her husband purchased the property years ago to be closer to their granddaughter. Naturally, the couple is not happy about potentially losing their Rushden home to migrants seeking refuge. 

Left unchecked, these policies could very well seep into the United States. In New York City, for instance, illegal immigrants have already started receiving prepaid debit cards from the government. Meanwhile, local residents are falling victim to crime as offenders skate by with no bail pending trial. 

Will UK citizens eventually lose all property rights in the name of “compassion” for illegal aliens? Only time will tell…but if we don’t change course here in America, our own property rights could very well be on the chopping block one day.

Gabrielle Seunagal

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